Bankruptcy of Your Student Loans

Bankruptcy of Your Student Loans

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Grinch who stole your education funds!

Christmas is next week!  And yes we had "Thanksgiving" a couple of weeks ago!  But this year it is pretty hard to be thankful or joyful! There is Terror is the Air! Trying to find a way to be thankful right now is not easy.  For many, this holiday season will only be one of grief, and perhaps a ramp up of fear for the lives of loved ones everywhere.

What has become of this world? Yes, we have had hundreds if not thousands of years of turmoil. Wars, tyrants dictators, the slaughter of the innocent for the gain of a few has been the theme of evil for millennium.

Look around... can it be all we see is Greed and Hated? Where is the love?  Where is benevolence?

Should we confess that society is becoming less civil and less civilized?  Shall we admit that there is a war for the very "souls" of the common man?  A war promulgated by the Elite and wealthy in order to raise themselves higher and push the commoner further down?

Consider this... the Elite with a plan.  A plan to bring about a society of the have's and have-not's.  A class of division that includes selecting who lives and who dies and using fear and racial conflicts to meet that objective.

The Elite are so self-absorbed in acquiring POWER and STATUS and WEALTH, that they will do anything to achieve those goals.  Including deceiving the masses into to thinking that those in the ruling classes have our best interests in mind.

They promote socialism and promise to take care of us all with free education, free housing, free food, free this and free that.  All the while allowing the common working class to be taxed beyond anything ever seen in history.  Using FIAT money (printing dollars faster than the speed of light), and all the while they continue to expand the debt ceilings of America and the World Banking System.

Wake up! There is NO money!  It is all a glass wall falling off a cliff ready for an explosive crash!  Are you ready for what is coming?  If you think there is chaos going on now just wait!

There have been crashes before.  The Great Depression, and before that the failure of Germany's economy and many others.  Recently the 2008 mess with a near depression except for another band-aid bailout by the Federal Reserve, which is a total phony conglomerate run by the Elite for the benefit of the Elite's plan to have a One World Government.  The end is coming soon.  The end to life as we know it.  The glass is already half way off the cliff!  A large crash is imminent.

So you might ask what does this have to do with the topic of "Undue Hardship"?  Well I will tell you.  Those of us who were "duped" into thinking we needed a college degree to succeed and prosper here in America, have been tricked and robbed.

Take for example the recent arrest and conviction of the CEO of Dade Medical College in Florida!  "For-profit college operator Ernesto Perez — a big-time donor to South Florida politicians — officially pleaded guilty Monday to illegally bundling more than $159,000 in campaign contributions"  In fact... "Its former CEO, Ernesto Perez, is a high-school dropout and former rock musician who at one time made a salary of $431,000 a year; and the college collected $100 million in federal student aid money over a three-year period."

Perez's contributions were listed as:

Perez and his wife have given at least $100,000 to political candidates and PACs, with recipients including Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL), Bill Nelson (D-FL), Harry Reid (D-NV), and Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) [Wasserman is also the current Chairperson of the DNC], and Joe Garcia (D-FL) . . . .
How deep does it go?  
Miami Herald writer Fred Grimm reported that Perez and his associates made $750,000 in political contributions. And a couple of Florida state legislators were actually on DMC's payroll. 

Indeed, Perez plead guilty to making illegal campaign contributions as the head of a Private College where very few students actually graduated, yet they were enticed to enroll and take out huge student loans with promises of high paying jobs in the Medical Field!

In fact according to the Miami Herald: "DMC students ... didn't do so well.,. DMC's  Hollywood (Florida) campus had a pass rate of only 13 percent on the 2014 Florida nurses' exam."  Once again we see that the promise of success was fraught with deception and fraud.

There is only one point to be finalized here....  And that point is -- How deep does this go?

If a phony like Perez (identified as a high school drop-out, drug using ex rock band member) can find his way into the top spot of a Private College and for a few years pull off a scam where by he and his wife use hundreds of thousands of political contributions to fleece the unsuspecting public and unfortunate students who are now "stuck with" student loans which they owe and no degrees and no jobs!  Imagine this... consider all the back-room deals that take place which no one hears about.  Deals between University Board Members and Wall Street bankers and Politicians and Political Appointees running the Department of Education and the Student Loan Racket!  

So Perez got caught.  But how many others in this good-old-boys-club have not?  If you have not figured it out yet... Education is a BUSINESS!  And those managing this "multi-trillion dollar business" are the ones benefiting! 

Perez -- He is only the tip of the iceberg!

Have you ever Googled to see what the salaries and benefits are of some of the players?  For example 42 Private College Presidents make over a million dollars a year!  "The University of Chicago's Robert Zimmer was the highest paid president on the new list, earning $3,358,723. However, 40 percent of his income was due to deferred compensation." (Source: The Huffington Post, by Tyler Kingkade, December 18, 2015).

Oh and guess what?  When Yale's President Richard C. Levin stepped down after the 2012-2013 school year he got a massive $8.5 Million Dollar Payoff!  You might ask... For doing what? Officiating at a few graduation ceremonies? The article speaks to the compensation of Levin and other College elites: "Presidential pay has been rising faster than inflation in recent years, and much faster than earnings for other college employees, according to that analysis.(The) growing pay can be controversial at a time of rising tuition and soaring student debt, compensation experts say schools are increasingly competing for talent with the private sector, where pay can be much higher."   (Source: Wall Street Journal, Melissa Korn, May 19, 2015)

Like I say, Education is a business, and it is a BIG BUSINESS, and here we see that even the execs at these colleges are seen as potential talent for big corporations!  My education cost me nearly $55,000.00 in 1996, and there were NO JOBS IN MY FIELD at graduation!

Thanks to the elitists I believed the lies that getting an education would make my life better!  I was duped like millions of others who are now unable to pay off our student loans, all the while the government continues to loan out money which in turns pays the massive salaries to both public and private college executives, who in turn make back room deals with those politicians, who in turn keep loaning out money to unsuspecting students and their families!

Does anyone see something wrong here? I certainly think there is!  

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  1. This blog post reminds me a lot of Arthur Benjamin. He was the CEO of ATI Career Training Center. A google search will give you plenty of information about him.

  2. Tiffany, and men - and yes women too - just like Perez and Benjamin continue to fleece unsuspecting students - and in many cases the parents of students - who fall for the lies they spew out to get kids into college with promises of high paying careers all the while strapping the unsuspecting with huge debts and leaving them to hang out to dry with no real jobs waiting! It is a conspiracy (in my opinion) and one that political pundits love to feast on!


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