Bankruptcy of Your Student Loans

Bankruptcy of Your Student Loans

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Are Your Student Loans Driving You Crazy?


The catch phrase "Stop the Insanity" became a national buzzword in the 1990's when Susan Powter used it to promote her weight loss programs, books, videos, and TV shows.

From Wikipedia I learned that "Powter is author of several books, three of which became New York Times best-sellers in the 1990s. In 2002, she returned to writing with The Politics of Stupid, a stream-of-consciousness, self-published manifesto encouraging women to take control of their brains and bodies from food manufacturers, corrupt governments, and fitness/diet industries."

While Powter's infamous looks (white buzz cut hair) outlandish outfits, and jokes made her famous and may have changed the diet and fitness industry forever, most know her as the late night infomercial gal who's "Stop the Insanity" was a call to action!  Millions of people were made aware that there is a better way to live.  Susan's "Eat, Breath/Move, Think" message remains a common sense approach to wellness.

I admit I have not read any of Powter's books, and I while I "think" I am in pretty good health, I probably could benefit from them; however, I am not here to talk about dieting or fitness.  I am here to talk about Stopping the Insanity of the obese student loan debt that I have and be able to shed some light onto what can be done about the financial burden that so many of us are weighed down with.  

Are you ready to Stop the Insanity?

In past postings I have stated that I will provide information, and links to aid student loan debtors.  Today I will begin that process with a few key bits of information and suggestions along with a link or two to get you started.

Let me begin by saying that if you attended college, you already have the most important piece to be able to deal with your student loan situation.  Simply, you learned to study and do research and find relevant information in order to complete your coursework.  Those skills are lifelong.  We never stop learning - and we should be glad we don't.

When I realized that I was never going to be able to pay off my student loan in my lifetime, (and for sure not at 68 years of age and living on $1,200.00 a month!), I knew I had to do something!  That is when I began to do "my research"

Your finding this blog was probably because you were "looking" for help?  Well reading this then may be one of the steps you took into researching how to get some real help with your student loan debt.  I am going to suggest some other steps you can take.  Here we go!

  1.  Google (yes Google!) Today there is so much information available on everything!
  2.  Key Words and Phrases (Learn the lingo, search by using those relevant subjects)
  3.  When you find a source page listing, open several links (select "new tab")
  4.  With several links opening in new tabs, you can take a look at the information, then  decide if it is worth reading, and if so, adding to your collection of web links.
  5.  Remember if by chance you closed a page that you wanted to look at, it can be found  in the history tab.
Let me give you a few key words or phrases...  

Student Loans; Student Loan Discharge; Undue Hardship; Bankruptcy of Student Loans; 11 U.S.C. §523 (a)(8); Student Loan Forgiveness; Student Loan Hardship; Student Loan Crisis; How to Eliminate Your Student Loan; Chapter 7 Bankruptcy; Undue Hardship Tests; 523 (a) (8) Exception; Brunner Test; Totality of Circumstances Test; Johnson Test; Disability and Student Loans; TPD (Total and Permanent Disability); Repayment Plans; ICR; IBR; PAYE; REPAYE (

OK that is a start!  You get the idea... Now use information from one source to find other information and begin to create a database for yourself for further study.

In closing I will give a couple of links to some useful books....

How to Bankrupt Your Student Loans, and other strategies, by Chuck Stewart

Also here is Chuck Stewart's website:

Represent yourself in Court, How to Prepare and Try a Winning Case, , J.D. and , J.D.

Next Time I will provide some help in locating case law and relevant information about what has taken place in the bankruptcy laws regarding the discharge of student loans!  Fun stuff!


Please feel free to comment, I welcome your feedback and would be happy to answer any or all questions.  Sincerely, Bob

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